About the Author

Hello there 👋, I’m Fernando Claussen.

I’m a Father, Husband and a Web Developer.

I sometimes write about code, things I learn along my journey and my personal life.

I am originally from Brazil 🇧🇷 but now live in Toronto, Canada 🇨🇦.

How it started

I have an older sister that was learning how to program and used me as a study partner. She taught me Pascal when I was ~8 years old. I didn’t have playgrounds I could go to nor did I have access to the internet. I still remember the books and the POS system I developed. Very crude but functional.

My career started in 2011 when I was hired as a front-end developer for an agency that exclusively worked with E-commerce sites. I had a great mentor there that taught me a lot about how to do things properly.

Since then I worked on a few agencies and finally moved to Canada in 2014 where I worked as a cleaner for a while until I landed my first job as a Web Developer in Canada.

What to expect

I’m not a writer. Let’s get that out of the way. Don’t expect perfect or proper english here.

You can expect to see content related to what is going in my work life as well as in my personal life. Topics will range from Development related stuff, personal life updates and anything else anyone wants to learn and I feel like I can contribute. Maybe you are curious about the immigration process and how it works. Or maybe you want to learn about finances. Who knows?